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We organise activities and events that allow visitors to experience the beauty and cultural richness of one of the most amazing places in Australia. Margaret River Wine Region is one of the major wine-producing areas in the country. Surrounded by national parks, pristine coastlines, towering forests, and lots more; the region is not only famous for its wines but also the beauty of its scenic environment.

This is what makes it a top holiday destination for visitors both locals and tourists alike who will get an unrivalled chance to taste the wonderful foods and wines of the region while also exploring its surroundings.

The region contains over 200 vineyards and produces over 25 per cent of Australia’s finest wines, making it a prime spot for wine tasters and connoisseurs who will get to experience the winemaking process in its raw form. Perhaps, you have always been wondering what Merlot or Chardonnay tastes like before it is processed and bottled, this is your chance to experience that and live your life to the fullest in the most serene environment.

You Will Get the Chance to Meet the Winemakers

You will get the chance to meet the winemakers and, if a winery is on your trail, watch the winemaking process with your own eyes. The makers are excited about opening up their community to visitors and giving tourists an insight into what it means to live in the vineyards.

World-class Destination

Margaret River Region offers visitors more than a selection of assorted wines. It is also a world-class destination for wave surfing. This means you get the unique chance of combining good wine with stunning scenes and fun activities that will make your stay a breeze.

World-class Destination

As a world-class holiday destination, the region attracts some of the finest chefs in Australia and beyond. What this means for visitors is unbeatable varieties of food. If there is a special delicacy you have been considering trying, there is no better place to give it a try than the Margaret River Region. You will be eating rare delicacies accompanied with choice wines, a taste of heaven indeed.

World-class Destination

While there are wonderful spots and activities to do when you are on Margaret River Wine Region, you cannot truly make the most of your experience unless you have someone who is familiar with the environment guiding you through it.

This is What We Do at
Mr Wine Fest

we help visitors to the region enjoy their stay by organising different activities that will help them maximise their time while also having fun. Whichever part of the Margaret River Region you choose as your holiday destination, there are specific activities for such parts, and we will help you plan your days towards enjoying all the activities.

Not only will you get the chance to taste the choicest wines and eat the best foods, but you will also have the opportunity to explore the nook and cranny of the region and come in contact with nature at its most beautiful.

Our services are tailored to give you the best time while at Margaret River Wine Region. We have put considerable thought and preparation into each activity to ensure that any one you choose gives you the optimum experience of what the region has to offer.

Food & Wine Trails

Margaret River Wine Region offers you some of the best food and wine trails in the world. Its location amidst wineries and vineyards with a backdrop of forest and beaches gives you the chance to explore the environment and find your way to premium restaurants.

There are guided trails as well as self-drive trails which allows you to have the best experience whether you are driving yourself through or accompanied by a guide. The self-drive routes are designed to help you enjoy your time at your pace, lasting for between half a day and the whole weekend.

On your trails, you will encounter winery farms, vines, boutique cellars, restaurants, just to name a few.

By Interest

Depending on your purpose and interest, there is an extensive list of things to do at Margaret River Wine Region. It all depends on your purpose for visiting. If you are looking to have a close encounter with the Aboriginal culture, or you want to host a wedding or conference, this is an excellent place to be.

There are family and kid-friendly activities that you can enjoy with your family, and you can bring your dog along too because there is space for everyone.


There is no limit to what you can do or where you can visit while at the Margaret River Region. The only limitation is how much time you have on your hands. You will find prehistoric caves, beaches, lighthouses, forest reserves, art galleries, and lots more.

No wonder it is a one-stop holiday destination.

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Welcome to Mr Wine Fest – Your guide to exploring the beauties of the Margaret River Wine Region.