Aboriginal Culture

Are you interested in learning about the aboriginal culture? There is no better place to do that than here at Margaret River Wine Region. The traditional owners of this region are the Wadandi Noongar who have a history of occupation that can be traced to as far back as 50,000 years or even more.

They are a saltwater and forest people who live in harmony with the environment. The coastal areas are very important to them, and they have maintained their connection to this environment through songs, spirituality, dreaming, and songs.

You can experience the fascinating culture of the Wadandi People and learn from their wealth of knowledge about the environment through a guided tour. The cultural tour gives you the chance to discover traditional medicine, encounter plants, taste foods, and encounter plants, Dreaming spirits, and animals that have played major roles in the Wadandi people’s lives from the inception.

On your cultural tour, you will get the chance to visit different spots that are of great cultural significance to the Wadandi people and go on different kind of tours.

Koomal Dreaming

This tour gives you the chance to experience the Aboriginal culture first hand. You will visit the Bibbulman and Wadandi country and get the chance to taste their food and get up close to the culture. Josh Koomal, a Wadandi custodian guides this tour. During the tour, visitors get to hear different stories about the Dreaming spirits while also exploring the environment and visiting the Ngilgi Cave.

The tour involves hiking, and it is child friendly as well.

Cape Cultural Tours

There are tours that take off from Cape Naturaliste. It is similar to the Koomal Dreaming in terms of the immersive experience that it offers visitors. You will get the chance to learn about the connection between the rivers, seas, fish, animals, plants, and the Noongar seasons.

Kaya Cape Experience

This is a wheelchair accessible tour that allows visitors to explore the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. There is also didgeridoo music and artefact interpretation session, which makes the whole tour to be an interactive experience for everyone who takes part.

Private Tours

Visitors can also get customised tours that let them see the natural bounty and beauty of the region while also getting cultural insights about the indigenous people. These tours would be created to give you a unique experience of the region.