Art Galleries

The Margaret River Wine Region is a budding cultural and artistic community with attractions for all types of people regardless of their interests. The amazing landscape of the area has inspired many to create work of art in a different form. Painters, potters, photographers, jewellers, glass blowers, wood and metal artists, and furniture makers all derive inspiration and create all types of artworks in the region.

You can dedicate a whole day to explore the artistic attractions of this region and still be far from done. Everywhere you go, there are art galleries and studios, workshops, art precincts, showrooms, and lots more. Many of these galleries and display centres are surrounded by the forest or located within resorts and wineries.

Whether you are walking through the main streets or driving through the bushland, there are galleries and studios with all kind of artworks tempting you to take a look or even buy a piece. Visitors will encounter artists working in their studios, and you get a chance to see the creative process. There are even places where visitors are allowed to create their own piece of art. Here, you will get all the materials you need and have a go at creating something unique yourself.

Art galleries in this region include

Payet Gallery

It is owned by the Payet brothers and focuses on handcrafting jewellery. With more than 30 years’ experience, the organic treasures of the region provide inspiration to the artists. Here, you will find simple yet sophisticated designs with luscious pearls and sparkling gemstones.

Visitors get the chance to watch the artists at work.

Phil Hollet Photo Gallery

This is located in the Fig Tree Lane of Busselton. It is a gallery of high-quality photographs of the South West. Here, you will find exceptional images that show the expertise of the photographer with a keen eye for detail and natural lighting that transforms the most mundane objects to spectacular.

Happs Pottery and Icon Honey

This is a pottery studio where you get to see expert potters creating incredible pottery of the highest quality. You can also buy any of the pottery works, and beyond this, there is the Icon Honey right in the same building where you can taste some of the best honey varietals in Western Australian.

There are many other Art Galleries such as Boranup Gallery, The Studio Gallery and Bistro, JahRoc Galleries, Oriel Karridale Gallery, etc.