The region has over 200km coastline which gives visitors to sandy paradise waiting to be explored. There are many beaches in this region both open and secret and any of them is worth visiting. The beautiful spots are a good place to spend your summer afternoon, enjoying the cool waves and the sun. Beyond relaxing, you can also engage in fun activities such as beachcombing and swimming.

If you are in Margaret River Wine Region, here are some of the beaches you should try out. You will find some of them in the guidebook while others still have a secret status.

Smith’s Beach

The location of this beach makes it isolated, and that makes it very good for visitors. You don’t have to worry about overcrowding most time. Of course, there are seasons when the beach is filled to the brim, but it is always comfortable. It is a great place for surfing, and the walkers will also enjoy it due to its long stretch of white sand.

The ocean adopts a deep turquoise hue during the winter here.

Gnarabup Beach

This is close to the White Elephant Beach Café and is open to visitors throughout the year. Everyone is welcome from children to the disabled. Activities that you can partake in here include swimming, hiking, walking, scuba diving, snorkelling, and bird watching. The water here is so calm because of an outer reef that breaks the force of the wave, giving visitors the experience of a swimming pool.

There is also an inlet between the jetty and Marmaduke point where children can learn to swim in a safe environment.

Meelup Beach

This is a picturesque beach with turquoise water and white sands.  There are also grassy and shaded areas close by, and this is a spot where any family should try out. Whether you are there for a picnic or snorkelling, this serene area is perfect for any beach activity. There are also facilities available here, such as toilets, showers, and public change rooms.

Point Piquet

This is a beach that only appears in the summer when the tides recede, and the white sands become visible again. Its water is turquoise blue which contrasts perfectly with the red rocks on its shore.

Castle Rock

This is the location of the Gourmet Beach BBQ which means you will not only get to enjoy the water and sands, but there is also barbecue available right next to you.