Margaret River Wine Region has not only an above ground but also an underground world that is beautiful and captivating. There are more than 100 limestone caves in the region with a history that goes far back to over a million years ago. These caves are open, and you can explore them and see with your own eyes the beauty of the intricate formations within the labyrinth.

There are several cave tours available for visitors, depending on what you want. Self-guided tours where you go at your pace as you explore the region is available. You can also opt for a guided tour where you get the chance to learn a lot about the caves from the commentaries of experienced guides. There are also adventure tours for those who want to try out something exciting and fun at the same time.

Choosing the best cave tour in Margaret River Wine Region is near impossible with the array of tours available. No matter the tour you choose, you can count on having a great time, exploring beautiful crystal formations, and learning a great deal about the region. Available cave tours include:

Lake Cave

This is a fully guided tour where you explore the great crystal chambers of Lake cave. Karri trees surround the entry, and within the cave, you get to experience what tranquillity truly means. The lake mirrors are fragile crystal formation growing from its roof, and the large Suspended Table hangs from its ceilings as well.

This is the only cave on the Ridge that has permanent lake. It is the deepest show cave on the ridge as well and a must-visit place if you are in the region.

Mammoth Cave

Visitors can go on a self-guided tour to this cave. It is home to remains of fossils of extinct giant animals and exploring it is a close encounter with nature. It is very easy to access, and wheelchairs can get into its first chamber.

Jewel Cave

From the name, you can tell how beautiful the cave will be. It is decorated with cave coral, helictites, pendulites, a large stalagmite which is known as the Karri Forest, as well as different flowstones. Fossil remains of Tasmanian tigers were found in the cave, and you will find a skeleton of the animal displayed at the Jewel Cave Centre.

Ngilgi Cave

This cave is also well decorated as was, in fact, the first tourist attraction in Western Australia. You can go on a self-guided tour or with a guide to explore this marvellous cave.