Craft Beer Trail

This trail covers about 135 Kilometres and would be sufficient for a whole day itinerary if you have the time. Of course, you can make it shorter and choose the stops that work best for since you can always return to it.

The craft beer trail has various stops which include

Rocky Ridge Brewing

This farm has been in existence for over five generations, evolving from the farm that produced cattle and dairy to one that grows hops. It uses mostly Western Australian cultured yeasts, home-grown hops, organic malt combined with beer-making skills to produce the beer which can be tasted at their Busselton-based cellar door. The beers are all packaged in cans to ensure that oxygen and sunlight don’t affect the beer. You can have a premium beer tasting experience here as they serve everything from white coffee stout to session ale.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co

This place doesn’t just offer beers, but the area is also blessed with turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and peeling point breaks. The brewery was opened back in 2010 with a small vineyard and organic kitchen garden. If you are looking for a healthy range of beers as well as wine-beers hybrid, this is the place to come to. You can also buy your beer and take it home with you. To make sure you are not drinking on an empty stomach, there are other things on the menu to spice up your drink.

Wild Hop Brewing Company

This place was established in February 2019 and focuses on serving beer and food that reflects the local culture. The hops were planted back in 2016 and plans are already in place to establish a commercial kitchen. Hospitality is the watchword here, and you will get beers that truly tickle your fancy with varieties that will leave you surprised. You will also get beer-friendly food mostly cooked over a flame.

Bootleg Brewery

If you are looking to taste the best beers that this region has to offer, this is one place where you should stop. The brewery has won gold medals six times at the Australian International Beer Award as well as two silver awards for its beers. Whichever of its beers you choose to try out, you will truly pleasant experience that will leave you fulfilled. The place also has a lake and playgrounds.