Lighthouses serve the important function of guiding sailors to the shore, but they can also serve as attraction spots. This doesn’t get truer than in Margaret River Wine Region where the two lighthouses are not only beacons but tourist attractions. They offer visitors a unique view of the whole area, and you will also get to experience what it means to be inside a lighthouse.

A tour of the lighthouses is not restricted to visiting the spots as you also get to hear stories about the building of the structures as well as the tragedies and rescue that comes with life at sea. There are two lighthouses in the region, and they are iconic structures in their own regard.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

This is located at the tail end of Leeuwin Road and was the first lighthouse to be erected in the region. Till today, it remains mainland Australia’s tallest lighthouse which makes it a must-see for anyone visiting. It is right on the tip of the peninsula on which the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.

A tour of the lighthouse will take you through history as you will get to learn about the construction of the landmark from local limestone back in 1895. Beyond serving as a vantage point for vessels, this lighthouse gives you an unrivalled opportunity to watch whales between May and September.

There is an Interpretative Centre where you will get an interactive experience about the lives and history of various lighthouse keepers who have worked there. If you are looking to get snacks and coffee, the Lighthouse Café is right there for you.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Visiting this lighthouse gives an unbeatable view of the sea. The lighthouse has only 59 stairs which makes it easy to climb even for children. It is not only the lighthouse that makes this place stand out; the cottages also give you insights into the history of the region. Coming here means you will learn about the workings of the lighthouse and also watch humpback whales if you come during their breeding and migration season.

There is an observation tower at the base of the lighthouse, which is a great place for photos as well as watching the oceans. You can also spend time with your kids in the nautical-themed playground.