Lo-fi Wine Trail

Lo-fi represents the new wave in winemaking and includes terms such a minimal intervention, low-intervention, minimal sulphur, natural yeast, handpicked, and small batch. This trail gives you the chance to meet new winemakers who are committed to finding the unique glass by focusing on bottling season, varietal, terroir, moment, and place.

If you are going on this trail, you should note that most of these producers do not operate cellar doors and you only get to taste by appointment. Another way you can taste lo-fi wines is by looking for them in local bottle shops, bars, and restaurants. If you are on this trail, you get the chance to visit different wineries which include:

Blind Corner

The philosophy of this winery is to produce a wine that is organic in the vineyard with no additives added in the winery. This leads to a wine with emphasised terroir. The goal is to produce clean and expressive wine that adopts no conventional fixes. Doing this requires experimentation which the winemaker adopts as his manifesto. You will get the opportunity to taste the wine anytime you visit this winery.

Goon Tycoons

One of the winemakers here is Julian Langworthy who once won the Halliday Winemaker of the Year and is also the head winemaker at Deep Woods Estate. The winery uses alternate techniques and unusual varieties to create unique wines in the purest possible way. Lo-fi wines from Goon Tycoons are truthful and gritty. Visiting the Abbey Vale Vineyard of this winery allows you to taste wine and also learn a lot about the winemaking process, which gives you a peek into the wine itself.


The philosophy if this winery is that wine is always a raw product, even after it is processed, packaged and placed on the shelf. It is seen as an agricultural product which should represent every season. This philosophy drives their wine production, and they produce only Cabernet, Chenin Blanc, and Chardonnay, which in their opinion are the classics of Margaret River Region. Tasting here is only by appointment.

Si Vintners

This winery focuses on its Rosa Glen wine which it produces using a low-key approach without adding tannins or using tartaric acids. It uses the individualised approach in which each plot and season is different. The winery produces three different chardonnays from three different sites.