Organic & Biodynamic Wine Discovery

The environment holds a special place in the heart of a farmer. It is not only their source of income but represents much more. Many farmers ply that trade either due to choice or based on hereditary roots. Either way, the land is very significant to them, and they do everything to maintain the quality of the land while they harvest wine and food from it.

The Margaret River Organic Wine Trail is an opportunity for you to meet these wine farmers focused on maintaining the integrity of the land. They operate commercial plots based on biodynamic and organic practice. This means they don’t use pesticides, chemicals, or any inorganic material that could affect the integrity of the soil.

While this is very difficult, the results are usually satisfying. This trail will give you a good glimpse of what it means for man and nature to harmonise. You will discover market gardens, vineyards, and wineries in their natural wildness and get to taste wines and eat food in their freshest state.

Another thing that visitors on this trail get to experience is conversations. You will exchange stories and ideas with these farmers who are open to discussing their challenges and the satisfaction that comes from each win. This trail offers an unrivalled ecotourism experience; accompanied by high-quality wine.

We have designed the most suitable trail for visitors that give them the chance to explore each organic and biodynamic winery along the way. You can decide to follow our itinerary or combine it with other trails to have a fluid and unique experience. Whether you are going with a guide or driving yourself, stops along the organic trail include:

Burnside Organic Farm

This is one of the most significant organic wineries on the trail. Jamie and Lara McCall established it in 1997. There is accommodation available on site which gives visitors the chance to have a real experience of what it means to live off the land and produce their own wine. There are farm tours and wine tastings every Friday.

Stormflower Vineyard

The iconic long timber table in the vineyard tells all you need to know about the heritage of this vineyard. This vineyard which is operated using natural methods to reinvigorate the old vines and improve it produced its first organic vintage in 2016.  It is a great place for a family visit with the opportunity to gather local produce from the gardens and taste wines.